Assorted Links 3

Sexy pole dancer

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1. Women claim to have less sex than they really do? Tell us something we don’t know. But is it nature or nurture? And who’s having all the sex then?

2. Self-esteem is over-rated. But it can reduce anxiety and help you get along with others.

3. The best names for online dating. How having the right can help you if you try online dating. What are the best and worst names for getting girls to reply to your online dating messages? Hint: if you’re a Kevin, think about using your middle name.

4. The key attribute of winners. Discover the single most important thing that determines if you will succeed or fail.

5. Talk to the girl as if she were your baby. What single guys can learn from the way new parents talk to their babies – this will fix your first date problems at a stroke!

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