Dating Advice for Women – How to Tell if He Wants to Kiss You

Dating advice for women

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We hope that most of the articles on this site will be of interest to both men and women. But we thought it would be handy to create a category exclusively for our female readers. In these articles you can find all our dating advice for women with everything from how to approach guys, how to touch a guy, how to know if a guy wants to kiss you and how to ensure that you get a second date (and beyond).

Dating Advice for Women – How to Tell if He Wants to Kiss You

On Monday I wrote an article on how to know if a guy fancies you. Since then I’ve had a few e-mails asking me the next step: how to know if the guy wants to kiss you, and what to do about it.

This is actually quite an easy one, because you can deal with both issues at the same time. I’m going to teach you a technique that will let you find out if he wants to kiss you, and make sure that he actually ends up kissing you – all at the same time.

This technique works best if the guy is wearing a jacket, and for the sake of the article I’ll assume he’s wearing one. It can work if he’s just wearing a shirt. If he’s just wearing a t-shirt or sweatshirt, it’s not ideal but you can still give it a go.

The Technique – The Lapel Pull

Now I’m going to assume you have been talking and flirting and there has been some mild touching already (holding hands etc). What you’re going to do now is get hold of the lapels of his jacket. If you’re feeling brave you can just grab him and get started. If you feel like you need an excuse, pretend to smooth the front of his jacket, or straighten his tie, or just grab him in mock-annoyance after he’s said something contentious.

Now you have hold of his jacket, face him and VERY gently pull him towards you. Don’t yank him! At this stage there are only two things that guy can do:

1. He pulls away from you. You will be able to feel the resistance through your hands. This is the sign that he’s not ready to kiss you, so just let go of his jacket and move away from each other. No one will be any the wiser what has happened.

2. He allows you to pull him close to you. If this happens, simply keep pulling him; within a second or two you will be pressed close to each other and the kiss will happen naturally.

Why It Works

This is a very subtle and very powerful technique. If the guy isn’t ready to kiss you, you’ll be able to release your grip as soon as you feel any resistance. You won’t have to worry about “rejection” and even the guy won’t know what has just happened.

If he is ready to kiss you, the whole process will feel very smooth and natural. Even though you know that you have initiated the kiss, it will feel like a collaboration.

If the guy isn’t wearing a jacket, then improvise. You could grab his scarf, or tie, or even the front of his shirt. Just be very gentle and very subtle, and be sure to read the signals that his body gives you.

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