First Date Tips: Games to Play

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Image courtesy of Thiago Matins

This article is one of a series of First Date Tips that will ensure that your first dates go smoothly whatever you decide you do. Today- some great games to play on a first date.

Make the Date Fun

A huge part of successful dating / pick-up is keeping the interaction fun. Our lives can be very dry and serious- I know people who can go hours without laughing or extracting any joy from anything they’re doing. So get in the habit of playing games on dates. Games are brilliant; games are fun; games are engaging. If you look at the iPhone apps top ten, it’s all games. People love to be engaged in mindless fun.

So, in your dating toolkit, have up your sleeve the irresistible offer of mindless fun. It’ll be great for the interaction and you’ll almost certainly enjoy it. In an interaction with a girl, the type of game that can work really well is incredibly simple and incredibly effective. Below are a few to get you started:

Game 1 – Guess My Age

Set up the game, give your driving licenses to an independent adjudicator and the guessing begins:

So how old are you? Oh go on let me guess… Actually let’s play a game here: we have to guess one another’s age and whoever gets closest wins and the loser buys the next drink.

Game 2 – Thumb War

Challenge the girl to a thumb war. A nice way to start this is to inject a bit of humour into the proceeding. I know this stuff looks ridiculous on the page. But in a nice bar and after a few drinks this sort of banter works really well:

I am actually unbeaten at thumb wars for fifteen years, but I hurt my thumb on a chair in the national finals and I want to see if I still have my powers.

Game 3 – Beer Mat Flipping

Flipping beer mats from the side of the table and catching them is a fun game and has always worked well on dates. A good way to use this is to bring in other people in the bar to play. It’s a simple way of leading and making yourself the centre of a social interaction without having to deliver a scintillating story.


The key here is to use games as part of a wider toolkit of strategies on a date. They are very good for breaking up serious conversations, taking a step back after being physical or kick-starting a slow date. I’m sure there are many better games to use (especially with the advent of smart phones) but the principles ring true whether you are on an iPad or flipping beer mats.

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