How To Get Laid On Valentine’s Day

Seducing women on Valentine's Day

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Where To Go On Valentine’s Day

First things first: make your place is clean, well-stocked with drinks, with some good music queued up and some good DVDs ready to go. It’s so easy to overlook this aspect of seducing women, but it is absolutely critical and shouldn’t take more than an hour or so. You never want to face that horrible feeling of actually getting the girl back to your front door and remembering the state you left your place in before you set out.

Now – going out. Go out to a bar near where you live so you can easily get home. You don’t want the prospect of an hour long night bus to ruin sure thing after a few hours of flirtation and banter. And go to a bar that doesn’t close too late; taking girls off the dance floor at 3am isn’t a game you want to be playing. A bar that closes at midnight is a good option.

Who To Go Out With

The second order of logistics is to get a friend out with you who is, ideally, great with women. If you’re with a mate, it’s that much easier to invite a group of girls (or just two) back to your place. At the end of the night a girl may be reluctant to go back with just one guy, but if she’s invited back to a gathering or party of some kind she’ll be more keen.

If yo’re out near a university or big town, try to get amongst groups of students, backpackers or holidaymakers; they are out looking for new experiences and are far more likely to go back to a random person’s house than someone who lives nearby.

Who To Approach

You should stay in the same bar for the night and approach a lot of women; after a few hours, you should have met most of the women you are attracted to in the bar and you can bounce between groups. This will build up your credibility and allow you to suss out which girls may be a good option for taking home at the end of the night.

When it comes to seducing women, there’s no rhyme or reason to knowing which girl will come home with you. I’ve had evenings where I’ve talked to girls who seemed very prim and proper (and who looked like they’d never so much kissed a guy) whom I ended up taking home. Other times I’ve chatted to girls who have been very sexual and flirtatious, but who have completely blanked the opportunity to come home with me.

Valentine’s Day Conversation Starters

You can use the fact that it’s Valentine’s Day to structure what we call an opinion conversation starter:

You: Hey guys, can I get your opinion on something?
Girl: Sure go ahead.
You: My friend is doing this huge gesture for Valentine’s Day and I’m a little worried that it will go horribly wrong:
Girl: Oh dear what is he doing?
You: Well he’s been going out with this girl for about two weeks and has planned a surprise weekend in Paris. He’s gone totally overboard. He’s made up an elaborate ploy with the girl’s boss so she thinks she’s going to a conference in Waterloo and needs an overnight bag. When she arrives he’s going to spring the weekend on her by meeting her with a big bouquet of flowers and two tickets on the Eurostar. For me it has disaster written all over it!

This approach is a simple way to get into a conversation as it buys you some time to talk to her. Make sure you get onto other topics pretty soon or the conversation will die pretty quickly!

Here’s another good way to start a conversation on Valentine’s Day if you fancy being a bit more direct:

You: Hey there.
Girl: Hi.
You: I’ve come out on Valentine’s Day to meet attractive single girls. My logic is that any girl who has a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day will be with them – good logic right?
Girl: Erm I guess so.
You: So are you single?
Girl: Yes I am
You: Right excellent, come with me for a drink.

This approach is honest and direct. If you feel confident this can work really well, but make sure you have some decent conversation ready.

How To Get Her Back

As with any night out, your first job is to approach the girl and generate some chemistry and connection with her. This is a huge topic and one beyond the scope of this article. These articles on starting conversations with girls will help here.

If you want to take the girl home that night, just bring it up:

You: So we’re getting on pretty well aren’t we?
Girl: Yes we’re getting on ok.
You: I think if we carry on getting on this well I’m going to invite you back to my house later tonight.

This tactic will give you an insight into the likelihood of her coming home with you. If she is utterly horrified it’s obviously not a goer; if she flirts back or teases you then you have a chance. Once you have told her you want to take her home, leave it a while and then move to close:

You: It’s been really fun talking to you; it would be a shame for the night to end here. Let me invite you back to my house where I have a wonderful bottle of wine.

You both know where this is going, but don’t be explicit about it and don’t make it seem crass. Make it inviting and give her some plausibility. Good luck!

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