Make Her Wait

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Three Ways to be Attractive to Women

A friend of mine was telling me about how the adventures of his younger brother in Faliraki a few years back taught him how to be attractive to women. He said that his brother had an incredibly wild summer working as a rep for a bar. He cited one incident which I guess sums up his brother’s summer:

My brother was doing really well with the girls. He was a rep at a bar and for some reason all the girls wanted to bag a rep (!?). Anyway, one night he was chatting to this girl and he said he’d like to show her his room and she agreed. He didn’t finish his shift for three hours so he told her to go and wait on a bench for him to finish. She waited there for three hours before going back to his apartment.

What can we learn from this seemingly obscure holiday example from a grotty Greek resort? What my friend’s brother did was a good way to be attractive to women. The girl obviously liked him and by making her wait he was demonstrating a few things:

1 – Don’t Be Desperate

I would say that desperation is one of the biggest enemies of guys who are looking to get good with women. Desperation shows that you really want the girl which shows you mustn’t have many options which makes the girl wonder why you don’t have any options which makes the girl think that there must be something wrong with you.

Your best strategy is to actually not be desperate and to have a number of this going on in your life of which she is not the most important. Failing that:

1. Never reply to her texts too quickly.
2. Don’t be afraid to cancel on her (obviously doing so in plenty of time).
3. Be decisive about what you want to do and where you want to go, don’t pander to what she wants to do.
4. Don’t be afraid to tease her. This is important for many reasons but, in this context, shows you are not afraid to upset her a little.

2 – Be Willing To Lose Her

There are a couple of great ways to show that you aren’t afraid of losing her. A lot of guys will try to eek out dates to their bitter conclusion to see what they can glean from it. By ending the date early you are showing that you have other stuff to do and that she is not this incredibly important part of your life.

Also, if she is late for your date, either call her on it or leave.

3 – Be Worth Waiting For

If you are out with her, tell her you need to buy something from a shop and make her walk around whilst you do this. It will create the frame whereby she is waiting for you. It sounds like a strange thing to do, but this is what guys who are attractive to women do without thinking.

This strategy will always work best if you have built some attraction first. My friend’s brother in Faliraki had already done that do he could afford to act in the way he did.

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