This page contains links to places outside the LSA website where we’ve been interviewed, discussed at length, or published guest blogs.


August 26th 2013. Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4 invited Alex to come on and give listeners some online dating tips.

February 25th 2013. Tony Livesey on BBC Radio 5 Live discussed our women’s coaching courses (skip to 2:09.45)

February 14th 2013. Doug was asked to go on BBC Radio Jersey to give some Valentine’s Day tips (skip to 2:10.00)


November 24th 2013: The Observer asked Doug for his thoughts on the dating “app” Tinder and how it’s affecting our relationships.

September 23rd 2013: The Galleon interviewed Alex for some tips about dating while at university.

September 4th 2013: The Metro asked Doug for his take on new dating app Tinder.

July 28th 2013: Doug offered Men’s Fitness 5 tips for writing a great online dating profile.

April 29th 2013. Female First asked Doug for his top five tips on writing the perfect online dating profile.

April 26th 2013. Basque daily Gara interviewed us about our coaching courses. And Part 2. Note: it’s all in Basque.

April 19th 2013. Our lead actress Hayley took a couple of female journalists from The Yorker into Trafalgar Square to approach men. See how they got on.

April 17th 2013. Fabulous magazine sent a journalist to try out some of our women’s coaching with Alex. Here’s what she found.

April 10th 2013. High-end monthly The City Magazine ran a short piece on how our courses are becoming popular with busy city workers.

February 24th 2013. Cosmopolitan asked Doug for his top tips on finding the perfect man.

February 16th 2013. Closer Magazine interviewed Alex and published some great tips for finding a man on Valentine’s Day.

February 15th 2013. Planet Ivy sent Lucy and Ben to try our men’s and women’s coaching.

February 15th 2013. The London Word sent a journalist to try out some women’s coaching with Alex.

February 14th 2013. Jawad Elattar from Arts London News tried an evening coaching session with Doug and Hayley.

February 14th 2013. The Daily Telegraph sent a female journalist to meet Alex for some tips on getting back in the game after a divorce.

February 12th 2013. TNT Magazine led with a piece on our coaching as the cover feature of their pre-Valentine issue.

February 11th 2013. A couple of students from the Swansea University magazine wanted to try some coaching. We’re on pages 12 and 13.

February 9th 2013. Laurence and Rachel from the Essex University newspaper came to try out our men’s and women’s coaching. We’re on page 29.

February 8th 2013. Simon Mills from the Evening Standard came to try out an evening coaching session with Doug and Hayley.

October 1st 2012. A journalist from the Daily Express interviewed us on good manners in the modern age.

April 23rd 2012. Tom Nicholson from The Newcastle Courier spent a half-day with us to pick up some flirting tips.

July 31st 2011. The Metro sent a writer to try out some of our coaching.

Dating Articles for Men

February 14th 2013. Bachelor magazine asked Doug for how to survive Valentine’s Day when you’re single.

February 12th 2013. The Metro published some of our Valentine’s Day flirting tips. There are a couple of our other dating articles accessible via the same page too.

February 11th 2013. The Artful Diner asked us for some speed dating tips for Valentine’s Day.

January 3oth 2013. Online Men’s Style Magazine The Chic Geek published our three top tips for Valentine’s Day.

January 7th 2013. The guys at Magnate were interested in Doug’s unorthodox ideas on the best way to get a date.

January 5th 2013. A fashion and style blogger asked Doug for his advice on finding your dream girl in 2013.

January 4th 2013. Nick Notas over at The Dating Specialist published a post by Doug with his best online dating tips.

December 30th 2012. The new online dating site Soul-2-Match asked us to dispell some common online dating myths.

June 1st 2012. Impulse Magazine asked us for our top tips on how to get a girl’s phone number.

December 2nd 2011. Dating coach Sue Ostler asked for some good situational openers at the bar.

November 9th 2011. A website for single dads asked us how to overcome shyness with women.

November 1st 2011. Online Style directory Mr Porter wanted the lowdown on how to score a date.

June 1st 2011. The online men’s lifestyle magazine Toffsmen asked us to write a series of articles for them.

April 21st 2011. Men’s lifestyle company Brosome featured a post we wrote on how to make your approach easy.

Dating Articles for Women

February 10th 2013. The women’s magazine So Feminine asked Doug for some Valentine’s Day ideas for single girls.

January 3rd 2013. Doug wrote a piece called How to approach a guy without seeming desperate for a South African magazine.

Business Articles

January 29th 2013. Doug wrote an article for a career-change blog with advice on starting your own business.

January 21st 2013. Idea Cafe asked Alex to give his thoughts on how to be a successful negotiator.

January 11th 2013. An “innovation blog” asked us for our 5 worst pieces of start-up advice.

December 10th 2012. Alex wrote an article for Dynamic Business about how to write compelling content.

December 8th 2012. Alex wrote this piece on good business decisions for an entrepreneurs’ blog.

December 8th 2012. A site for Under-30 CEOs published an article by Alex on writing content that helps you sell and one on why we started our own business.

November 9th 2012. Alex was asked to write an article for a business website on getting the right PR message.

November 9th 2012. Doug wrote a piece for Business Matters on the best way to sell.

November 8th 2012. Doug was asked to write a piece about small business myths for Next Big What magazine.

October 31st 2012. A website for small businesses asked Alex for his thoughts on what makes for good sales copy.

August 11th 2012. An article Alex wrote with his tips on starting a blog.

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